Who Is Mykynes?

Mykynes is an alias of Marco Svarda, Dutch DJ and Producer, from Zwolle, The Netherlands. The name ‘Mykynes’ is borrowed from one of the Faroe Islands (Føroyar) called ‘Mykines’. Struggling to find an alias, Marco decided to take this name after a visit to the Islands in 2005. He described the country as ,,one of the most beautiful places on the planet” and chose this alterego as a tribute to his visit. Before the ‘Mykynes-era’, Marco performed under several other aliases like ‘Amplitude’, ‘MarZ’, ‘Atlanticscape’, ‘Baqardi’, ‘Blackrunner’, ‘San Marino’ and ‘DJ Marin’. All of those aliases were taken or didn’t fit in his own mind, but when adopting ‘Mykynes’ everything felt into place. Marco is using that alias ever since.

,, After 18 years of trying to get somewhere, I still can honestly say: Never give up!”


How Mykynes Discovered Trance

When Marco was 12 years old he received his first casetteplayer from his dad. When recordings chartshows, he discovered his taste for synth-based music and beats. At first he listened to Eurodance, developing in a preference for Happy Hardcore. Among his favorite tracks back in the days were: Ice MC – Think About The Way, The Riders – Bang, DJ Bobo – Love Is All Around, RMB – Spring and Scooter – Friends. After several years of bouncing around on these kind of tracks he discovered a more downtempo side of electronic music, especially when in 1998 he bought the release of Energy 52 – Café Del Mar and later in that same year one of his all-time favorites came out, which was Niels Van Gogh – Pulverturm.

It still took some time to discover Trance outside the regular charts, but when he heard the compilation-cd, of Tiësto’s breakthrough, Live At Innercity he was hooked. He bought almost every trance compilation and CD-single he could affort. On one of those compilations he discovered another track that defined his choice of career: Armin – Communication. Without any reason besides that he absolutely adored ‘Communication’, Marco decided that he wanted to follow this unknown guy going by the name of Armin Van Buuren. After turning 18 it was possible to visit gigs of Armin. Small gigs in Amsterdam, where it was possible to shake hands and make a small talk afterwards. in 2001 Armin initiated his radioshow A State Of Trance which was a great help choosing records in Marco’s early DJ-career. Since ‘Communication’ Armin is and has been a big influence and example to follow, and is still amongst Marco’s favorite Producers and DJ’s.

  ,,Having dreams only makes sense if you work hard to realize them in real life”


DJ Career

Back in 2000 Marco decided to buy his first vinyl records. He started spinning under the alias of ‘DJ Marin’ because several known DJ’s were already named Marco, like for example Marco V. He held his first gigs in his hometown, which was Almere back then, and on small events in Amsterdam. It was the time when you could post your mixes and discuss music on the forum. Marco hosted broadcasts on several webradiostations, like ‘DJ Marin In The Mix’ and ‘The Marin Sessions’. After starting a Journalism & Communication study in 2002 he also played several gigs on studentnights in Wageningen, his hometown during his study. In 2005 Marco decided he wanted a fresh start, realizing that he also needed to develop his musicproduction skills if he wanted a career as a DJ. That was when ‘Mykynes’ was born. As Mykynes he hosted broadcasts on the web such as ‘Mykynes In Session’ and ‘The Føroyar Sessions’. It still took several years before he was able to pick up serious musicproduction.

Career As Producer

Already in 1997, Marco started  to play with audioprograms, such as ‘Radio 538 Music Machine’ (developed by FL Studio developers Image-Line), ‘Magix Music Maker‘ and ‘FastTracker II‘. All those programs were sample-based, but it took several years before he decided to take on a professional audio interface. Learning everything by doing, Marco wasted another couple of years before presenting his first tracks made with FL Studio in 2008. Still nothing very professional, but a big improvement to his Fasttracker-productions. Since then, he uses every minute of spare time to improve his production-skills, resulting in the fcat that 18 years after starting, he finally has the confidence to deliver something good. Currently, Mykynes is working on updates of earlier productions, like ‘Gravity’, ‘Choreo’, ‘Mykines’ and ‘Fastlane’, while also improving his remix-skills, taking part in several contests to take his skills and fame to a next level. In all those years, he never abandonded Trance, despite it probably is a difficult genre to succeed in. Marco always loved the melodies that made Trance stand out towards other genres in EDM, and he cannot imagine ever to produce a track without some Trance influence. Some of the most influental producers on his style are: Leon Bolier, Ferry Corsten, Above & Beyond, Solarstone, Airbase, Alex M.O.R.P.H., Driftmoon, The Thrillseekers, and ofcourse Armin Van Buuren. Be sure to check back the Discography-section on this website regularly to find out about the latest productions by Mykynes.