What is Mykynes Music?

Mykynes Music today, is the collective name of independent releases of Marco Svarda, a Trance DJ and producer based in Zwolle, The Netherlands. All self-released tracks, not signed to any label, are distributed under the Mykynes Music umbrella. Mykynes Music will also be part of Marco’s future label plans, as a sub-label, to release personally supported artists and tracks.

The name derives from one of the first aliases Marco took on. Marco started out with gigs and radioshows as ‘DJ Marin’ but eventually decided to adopt ‘Mykynes’ in 2005. It was both a new beginning and an ode to one of the most beautiful countries Marco visited. The Faroe Islands (Føroyar), of which one of the islands is called Mykines.

,, Don’t change anything (about your music) that defines you”

Purpose in music

Since 2018, Marco is part of the independent streaming platform Choon. Co-founded by DJ and producer Gareth Emery, the platform aims to bridge the gap towards fair payment, as of today there hasn’t been any, especialy not for independent artists, ever since streaming services took over and decided on the royalty payout.

Now why is this relevant? Producers nowadays take scraps to get signed, take every deal offered, and eventually see the harsh reality of people stealing or abusing their work, or getting paid a fraction (crumbs) of the big pie when scoring a succesfull hit. Lot’s of talents step out because of this, and the music industry has become a commercial pool of uninspired music, and people moving up because they had the biggest wallet instead of skillset. A lot of labels reject creative works as the sound doesn’t fit them, and try to maintain a never evolving stability of template-based music.

This is where the purpose comes in. As an artist, who already accepted that the probability of a breakthrough on a large scale is extremely small, Marco decided to refuse any compromise. Not the labels should dictate their terms, the artist(s) should. Exclusive publishing rights? Keep them to yourself. It’s worth so much more than signing a track. Do your own promo. Most labels don’t do a proper job on that part anyway. Stay true to your sound. Don’t change it so it sounds more fitting in a timeframe. Don’t make it fit for a label. Stay original. Make sure to offer your music to the right labels in the first place. Take feedback and use it to your advantage. But don’t change anything that defines you, or gives your track the originality the music industry so desperately needs.

Marco’s purpose is to release what he likes. To release the music he really loves to make. If that means a track is 12 minutes long, so be it. Edits suck anyway. The purpose is to keep the classic quality and feel in trancemusic. Soaring melodies, epic breakdowns, intro-tracks and long builds. Emotion, captured in tracks that can create journeys. Both as a producer and DJ, as well as when releasing music of others.

  ,,Don’t hand your creative works on a silver platter”

Take care of your talent, and be careful with it. The world is mainly full of sharks who have only one talent: Covering up their lack of talent by abusing the talent of others. Or making sure they enrich themselves on the skills of others much more than the talents themselves. Don’t hand them your creative works on a silver platter. If real talent would stand up, stay independent, and would start creating what they really love, maybe some day the music industry can be a beautiful place again. For artists and listeners. And fair playing labels and platforms with right intentions.